Photo Competition for CR3 Forum closed

Stop Press.  Competition now closed, prizes to be awarded. What are the best and worst places in our area? Whether a view, building, piece of heritage, part of the landscape, a walk, wood or many other categories. Details on the Hidden Treasures & Local Eyesores page and you can still send your image to: (

View a selection of current entries here

Stop Press  Can we reach 2,000 responses? Just over 1,300 now. Do it On-line.

The CR3 Forum survey has a goal of reaching as many responses as possible from all ages and groups in the area, to ensure we  understand your views and take account of them. Paper versions were distributed to almost every house and resulted in over 900 people responding. If you have one of those do fill it out and drop off at the various places in Caterham Hill, Caterham Valley, Chaldon & Whyteleafe.

However, if you are reading this, then you can do it on-line as well and the survey will stay open for another month or so. However the earlier we get them back the more helpful that will be to create potential plans and policies to improve our area.

Just 15 mins of your time will be very helpful and be invaluable to help us understand your views and gather information. You can take the survey on-line here.


The Forum site, is a shared facility between Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe parishes or village councils.  The Caterham Community Partnership is also a founder member, with the Caterham Business Partnership and other related groups throughout the area.  Within Caterham it covers both Hill and Valley parishes, making a total of four in all.CR3 Area Covered

The CR3 Neighbourhood Plan area. We welcome participation and comments by those who live, work and are involved in local business or services in the area, or visit frequently and who depend on services, shops, schools, healthcare, transport or jobs here.(Click map to take our survey and click registration form below to join us & for updates)

The Forum can be used to follow progress and contribute information and comments as we begin creating a Neighbourhood Plan, under the new Localism Act.

There are now pages for the different aspects of a local plan that we are starting to tackle. Register to take part in any of the groups and follow progress via their pages as we gather information, consult with as many people as possible and identify the issues that matter locally and we want to include within a plan.

If you would like to join our mailing list and to be kept up to date with activities, please use this “Contact Us”


Planned activities

We are preparing a couple of weeks of more intensive consultation locally at the end of this September, when we will be holding sessions so you can find out what we have captured so far from our survey, the photo competition, the 2011 Census, and seven teams working on key topics. After that we will prepare a report and draft policies, which will be discussed with Tandridge, then an external examiner and finally in Sept 2014 there will be a referendum, where you can vote to adopt the plan or not.

Student workshop

Each of our seven teams are preparing information for the open public sessions in September and we will be posting details in local media as well as here.

A newsletter is  startinG from 1st July on a monthly cycle,  linked to this website.

Facebook and twitter resources will begin too over the next few weeks, as we start to have detailed information to share, and make sure you have opportunities to comment.


We submitted the bid as a “Front Runner” in Nov 2011, which was approved March 6th 2012. Tandridge District Council are involved in the plan too and the end result should reflect a combination of those things we can affect locally, within the overall set of regulations that we are subject to. The final plan is intended to be the subject of a local referendum on whether to adopt it or not and will become a key element controlling local matters if supported by 51% of those who vote.

The project welcomes involvement from business, residents, faith, social, education, health, police and other services as well as the youth and voluntary sector. The aim is to cover all ages and sections of the community and those who live or work here.

It is an open site for most purposes, with a section for Work in Progress that is available to specific contributors. Generally it allows feedback, via an administrator – where several people share the task of helping to manage the site.

Initial content is the draft submission to DCLG ( Department of Communities and Local Government), records of meetings and the start of an information archive, to help share an expanding set of materials. We should be able to engineer it so that you get an eMail when content is amended if you wish. Those who register will also get eMail bulletins from time to time.

The Forum’s new newsletter provides links for the member parish sites, Caterham ABC and many other local resources. It can easily be linked to Facebook and twitter social media. You can submit comments, if you have an existing ID with several popular web-based providers, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or WordPress itself. This will help cut down spam.

Use the contact us form above for now to register interest and tell us of any areas you would be interested to participate in.This will also subscribe you to the newsletter.

Regards to all

Chris Windridge.

On behalf of CR3 Forum Steering Group


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