Projects and Progress

Out of the work being done towards the Neighbourhood Plan has been the identification of a number of projects that are looking to be attractive and viable to serve the area.

The sites that the Neighbourhood Plan will be calling for will include sites for some of these. In addition the CR3 Forum welcomes any additional projects that can be usefully carried out. We are proposing to list some of them in the promotional material we are preparing, so you are referred to that when it is published, which should be early January.

Otherwise we are going through the reports that the different groups have produced and make sure they are consistent and properly prepared.

Geoff Duck







TDC Councillors R&Y Review, 3rd Dec, Soper Hall


Volvos, the Mercedes were in the other showroom

On Tuesday evening there is the public meeting to assess information over 67 Croydon Road, the site formerly occupied by Rose & Young.

The Neighbourhood Plan is making a representation, much as anything to make sure that the work by the ‘Plan is made available. Importantly from the point of view of fitting the development of the site into the context of the Valley as a whole.