TDC Councillors R&Y Review, 3rd Dec, Soper Hall


Volvos, the Mercedes were in the other showroom

On Tuesday evening there is the public meeting to assess information over 67 Croydon Road, the site formerly occupied by Rose & Young.

The Neighbourhood Plan is making a representation, much as anything to make sure that the work by the ‘Plan is made available. Importantly from the point of view of fitting the development of the site into the context of the Valley as a whole.



5 thoughts on “TDC Councillors R&Y Review, 3rd Dec, Soper Hall

  1. Thank you Geoff. We seem to have been waiting years for a solution. Can you give me an indication of the current timescales? Many thanks Les

    • Les,
      As for timescales, there are a number of steps to work through and plans by their nature can fail and require reworking and resubmission. The best solution is to have more than one alternative being worked on so that if one does not proceed for some reason then the second is in place to make better progress. Even then when a plan has been agreed to the next issue is action being taken to deliver a site to that agreed plan. There are some sites on the Hill with permission and currently no action.


      • Thanks Geoff. No disrespect but I can’t see this going any further forward without dates. . I still don’t know why TDC cannot proceed with a CPO if they really had the desire to do so. . No doubt the 3 main political parties will be promising something to do with the R&Y site again on their leaflets soon when the elections come around again in May. Thanks for replying anyway. Les

  2. Can somebody tell me why Tandridge have not isued a CPO for this land citing their aim to develop the site for the benefit of the community. Even a car park would be better than this Rose & Young eyesore.

    • Les, Thanks for your comment. There are a range of Orders that can assist in situations such as this. Whatever is used will need a fully developed plan in place to take the property forward. A plan that will be acceptable. Currently the work being done by the Neighbourhood Plan to prepare Policies and to carry out Site Assessments is working towards an acceptable outcome, setting the scene in which the property will be developed. Geoff Duck.

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