Call for Land – Sites Wanted

The Neighbourhood Plan needs to be able to assess sites for their suitability for one or other purpose that the site might be suitable for. There is already a list of sites in hand but we must ask for any sites that people have that we aren’t currently aware of. We have had a good number be identified by people recently but we must continue to ask.

Please email or phone 01883 577008.

We have written to developers, we will be in contact with other agencies who have land. Of course some government agencies with land simply advertise that on their websites; makes it easy enough for the people working on the Neighbourhood Plan to include those in the list of sites to be assessed.

This is an important issue as the Plan must be able to report on one of the most important assets in the area, its land and how it is used, for the future.

Set out here are just some of the uses for land that the Neighbourhood Plan has so for identified.

Business Development, New School, Doctors Surgery in Whyteleafe, Caterham Hill Library, Cinema, Cemetery, Allotments, Community Hub for Whyteleafe, Playground for Chaldon, Parking, Pocket Parks, Waste Collection, Anaerobic Digester, Solar Farm, Housing.


This picture is of one of the sessions where people working on the plan are being taught about Site Assessment.





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