Stop Press:. The web site for the CR3Forum has moved to www.cr3forum.org.uk

This site is being maintained as an archive, to allow future inspection of the initial stages of our work.

With effect from February 12th 2016, the public consultation began and will run through to April 16th, closing at midnight.

Please read the Pre-Submission CR3 Forum Neighbourhood Plan document. It is available as a printed document in the Caterham Valley and Westway libraries.

All current materials, that are available for you to see and comment on are on the CR3forum.org.uk site

Thank you for reaching this page and please do take the link to our active site.

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Archived site. Not currently being updated

This site is for the Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan project. The group, The CR3 Forum, is creating a Neighbourhood Plan to cover this area, involving parishes, residents, local community groups and local businesses. Its goal is to work with Tandridge District Council, Surrey County Council and service providers to create a forward-looking plan for the area, strongly linked to the local communities’ input.

There are a number of Neighbourhood Plans in progress. Some are now accepted into the Local Plan for their area, as they have passed inspections and been accepted by the local community through their referendum.

This project is likely to be completed by the autumn of 2014.

There are a number of groups working on the Plan and much of their work is complete. However there is still plenty to do, especially making sure we have communicated with as many members of the local population as we can. To join in register and follow the different pages for detail.

This following letter is the original application to prepare the Neighbourhood Plan.

Dear Paul

May I apply formally under the Localism Act for Tandridge District Council to designate the area covered by the attached map, as a Neighbourhood Area, for the purposes of creating a Neighbourhood Plan.

The groups seeking to act together to carry out a plan, include:

Caterham Hill Parish Council ( Who will act as the primary parish)
Caterham Valley Parish Council
Chaldon Village Council
Whyteleafe Village Council
The Caterham Community Partnership Ltd
The Caterham Business Partnership

plus others who will be invited to participate

The proposal is more completely described in the document submitted jointly with Tandridge District Council, to DCLG last year and which resulted in the selection of the bid for funds under the “front Runner” scheme.

We consider that the primary parish, the Caterham Hill Parish Council, is a relevant body for the purposes of the Localism Act and to be responsible for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Yours sincerely

Chris Windridge
Acting Coordinator of the Caterham Hill, Caterham Valley,  Chaldon, Whyteleafe Parishes  and Community groups

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