Neighbourhood Plan, Policy Preparation

The exhibition at the Soper Hall on the 21st June, while low in attendance did re-inforce themes we’d been hearing all along. That was of merit. In addition we have met more people in the area who have particularly good knowledge on certain topics and that is most useful. If you are one of these good people and have yet to introduce yourselves to us please do.

Other work we are getting on with are some site assessments, we may well put out a Call for Land again to make sure we are collating as much information as we need.

Now we need to prepare for the statutory 6 week public consultation. As noted in earlier posts this will need some close attention to certain topics.


Geoff Duck




Neighbourhood Plan, Exhibition, 21st June, 11-1600h, Soper Hall

The next exhibition of the Plan and its work will be 21st June. This may be one of the last before September.

The preparation of the Plan now involves going through the reports, evidence and intentions that have been prepared and understanding the range of planning policies that can potentially be produced. Some of the planning policies that will arise from the work that has been done are not contentious and can be readily produced. Some of the planning policies that might be sought may be difficult to draft successfully. It is important that the policies that are produced do make a difference to the area, goes without saying, but we must take great care over how they are drafted so that they will continue to be effective through their lifetime, which is intended to be for the next 2 decades. As with any planning policy they must be able to withstand any future challenge.

Once we have the policies drafted the other information that has to come together with the Plan will have been prepared. There are statutory consultees to check with, these are agencies such as the Environment Agency, other local authorities, utility companies and so on. There are other statutory assessments we need to carry out. This is a whole series of back office work, technical, crucial.

We will be setting up a website to hold the finished work and reference material. This hasn’t been done so far as we only want to build the collection of information knowing that it will pass muster and is relevant and of the right quality.

Plenty to do.


Geoff Duck




Caterham Street Party, 1st June

The next public occasion will be a stall at the Street Party on the 1st June.

We’ll probably be promoting a single point or maybe two and be on hand to promote the Plan to people who weren’t specifically looking to attend one of the exhibitions. This will continue publicise the Plan to the local people.

Otherwise we are continuing the work of getting the reports finished, policies prepared for the formal consultation.