Hidden Treasure and Local Eyesore Competition – £100 prize

CR3 Forum Press Release 28th June  2013TshirtCR3logo

Find Hidden Treasures and Local Eyesores and win £100.

To create a plan to shape the future development in the area, the CR3 Forum would like to identify what residents love and hate in Caterham Hill, Caterham Valley, Chaldon and Whytleafe.

We want to give every resident a chance to get involved by identifying hidden treasures in the area: places that matter to them, but that may be in danger of being overlooked or lost in the mists of time. We’d also like to know about the other side of the coin: local eyesores which have a negative effect on their surroundings.

So please help us to identify hidden treasures that should be preserved and any eyesores that need to be dealt with, just by taking a high quality digital picture in jpg format and sending it to cr3forum@yahoo.com You could win the £100 prize!

It’s up to you to decide what to photograph – it could be a building of interest, a woodland area, an interesting view – anything that gives our local area an identity that you would like to be preserved – or alternatively something that detracts from the desired image of the area. The only restriction is that it must be in the Caterham, Chaldon or Whyteleafe area.

As well as the chance to win £100, all photos will contribute to building up a visual image of what residents think is good about the area and what needs improving. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan currently being developed by the CR3 Forum, this could help, not only improve our environment, but also preserve some places that may otherwise have been taken for granted.

£100 will be awarded to the best picture received, as judged by the CR3 Forum Urban & Rural Design & Heritage working group. Send a high quality digital colour photo in jpg format, including your name, contact details, and a brief description of where the photo was taken to (cr3forum@yahoo.com) by the 20th July 2013. Entries submitted after this date will NOT be included. The successful entrant will be informed by the end of July 2013. We will also upload the images to a Flickr web site, so you can see what has already been submitted. Check back here for the link when this has been uploaded with the first entries.

Creating the CR3 Forum Neighbourhood Plan is a wonderful opportunity for local people to have a say in how our area should, look over the next 20 years. Let’s not lose the opportunity!

CR3Forum Survey

Have you taken the CR3Forum Survey yet? This is another way to tell us what you think about the area and provide ideas and issues to be considered. The link for the survey is via www.cr3forum.org.uk together with news and to register to be involved in different projects.

For general information contact us as above or email: info@cr3forum.uk.org


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