Aims and Objectives

This web site is to assist those helping to create a local Neighbourhood Plan, under the Localism Act. We have been awarded some funding ( Held by Tandridge currently) to assist the preparation or a plan and the overall process. We will also collaborate with other similar towns and are starting to build a network of useful contacts.

Once a plan has been created by local parishes, groups and those providing key local services, it will need to be approved for compliance with the necessary processes and then it will be the subject of a local referendum. If greater than 50% approve the plan, it will become part of the background factors that guide local development, services, the local economy and can help us bid for various projects and funding as a local area.

Content to include:

Draft Submission
Meeting notes
Links to DCLG for Front Runner Information
Links to other sources & partners
Local information on: Houses, new build pipeline, SHLAA, population, jobs, business, cars, commuters, transport, roads, parking, health, schools etc as we assemble latest  “Evidence”
A list of issues that need to be considered
The forum’s membership
An archive of key emails/documents etc…

Please send any content in for any individual Parish councils  directly to them, or if it is for everyone.

Chris W

Chair, Steering Group, CR3 Neighbourhood Plan Project

and Chair ABC


4 thoughts on “Aims and Objectives

  1. Will hold a mini workshop with any who have content to contribute during early June. Let me know if you are interested. Intended to include Parish Clerks to ensure each parish group can manage its own content but other groups such as residents, business, service providers welcome to act as information connduits.

  2. Up to draft 8 and now includes logos and changes after a meeting with TDC planning. Second key item was a meeting between Chris Botten, David Gosling and Jeremy Webster with Gordon Keymer, plus Stephen Weigel. At that meeting approval in principle to support the bid was obtained. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

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