Working Group 2 Initial Questions


Shops, Offices, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Schools, Healthcare, etc

How much local employment do we have?

Do people want to work locally and benefits of people working locally?

What type of employment is needed and size?

Is there a commercial demand for floor space & for what type/size?

Where should employment be located – strengths and weaknesses of the area, possible sites?

Potential for business park, research park, higher education, healthcare or enterprise zone?

Town centre and retail mix?

Town centre and offices?

Tourism, farming, food & rural business, garden centres, equestrian, kennels, catteries, etc

Effect of climate change on business needs & sustainability?

Need for staff & expansion from existing organisations?

 Infrastructure needs of business – roads, parking, broadband, etc

What people thought about how important these kind of topics were in 2007. Are they different in 2012, 2013 and what should we do now and for the future to promote a prosperous place?

1 thought on “Economy

  1. The group to consider the local economy, retail, business and employment will meet for the first time shortly. Contact us for further details. Other sessions will be held over the next few months to cover the different aspects.

    Potential dates for the first session are:

    Wednesday 19th September
    Monday 24th September
    Tuesday 25th September
    Thursday 27th September

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