Caterham Barracks won awards for its design.We need to consider demand for housing of all types and its supply. Within the Tandridge Core strategy there are overall figures that are set out for housing. The Neighbourhood Plan needs to consider how best to provide that level of building, within the area and of what types

Working Group 1 Initial Questions


 How much housing do we need?

 What type of housing do we need & Lifetime Homes?

 Where should housing be located?

  Housing and the street scene?

  What dwelling space standards do we want?

 Accessibility of housing and special needs housing?

 Parking for housing?

  Effect of climate change on housing?

  Housing for families

Housing for the elderly and care needs

 Housing for the young and for single people

  Affordable and key worker housing

  Caravanners, Travellers and Gypsies


2 thoughts on “Housing

  1. Thanks, yes Nov 7th at 7.30pm and likely to be at Linden Homes, at Caterham Village, nr Tesco & Health Centre.

    Will publish notes from 1st mtg shortly and outline for next.

  2. The group to consider housing will meet for the first time on Tuesday 18th at 7.30pm. Contact us for further details. Other sessions will be held over the next few months to cover the different aspects.

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