Leisure & Community

Working Group 3

Leisure & Community

What leisure and community facilities do we have & in what condition are they?

What facilities are missing and which are sub-standard?

What facilities do existing groups need?

 Sport and fitness?

Local events such as the Caterham Festival?

Museum and local history?

Day centres, Creche, Childrens Play and other facilities?

Ramblers, footpaths, parks, flora and fauna?

Arts and Crafts?

Drama and cinema?


 Adult Education?

Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Guest Houses, Conference, Meetings, Weddings?


3 thoughts on “Leisure & Community

  1. This group is already active and held its initial session at Soper Hall on Sept 6th. Register here for further detail and we will publish meeting notes and next session shortly.

  2. Very glad things are moving as this will be a very important project to be involved in and is bound to affect the future of our area. For a change, we are in near the beginning of it. Well done everyone!

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