The final draft Front Runner submission

The version we agreed with Tandridge and they then submitted to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is here to download. You will also need a password to download. email to request it ( Temporary) or use the form below.

If you have any comments they can be emailed here.

The closing date for bids was November 4th 2011and approval was given on March 6th 2012. It took longer than expected to hear the result, we understand due to the number of applicants and at the time there were consultations under way about the regulations, the passing of the Localism Bill to an Act and for NPFF.

Should you be interested to participate please use the email link above.


3 thoughts on “The final draft Front Runner submission

  1. The application succeeded and we then entered the process to create a plan,requesting Tandridge to approve the group and its area on May 10th. This was acknowledged on May 11th and a notice to be placed in local newspapers issued by Tandridge District Council.

  2. Latest version is SIG8w.

    Includes all parish statements, logos and agreed changes with Tandridge Planning of Aug 2nd.

  3. Hi
    This is Chris, testing the feedback option. You can send as a guest, or through a facebook, twitter or a wordpress ID. ( The site is built using WordPress). Seemed to work for me and you may need to enable “Cookies”

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