What is the plan going to Consider and how can I get involved?

These are the seven key areas. We are looking for people interested to be involved in gathering information, issues and ideas, to form part of the information the plan will be based on.

Information on meetings and topics will be published as the project progresses. Individual pages have detail on the different topics, plus when meetings are to take place and how you can join in.

The “Organigram” diagram which can also be downloaded, lists these areas we currently intend to look at, and for each one the main topics to look at.  We anticipate a flexible process, to drive the level of detail we pursue, to ensure the process neither gets bogged down, or skims the surface.

We will add these categories to the registration pages too, so if you want you can select areas of particular interest. In the meantime here are some of materials we displayed in Church Walk…..you can pause them if you want.

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