Police Education & Healthcare

 Group 4

Police, Education & Healthcare

What facilities do we have and how are they changing & scope for expansion?

 What facilities are we short of that we would like to have?

Police, Child Protection and other specialist units?

Mother & toddler groups, kindergarten & rising 5s provision?

Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Sixth Form provision?

 Higher Education & Research provision?

Private and Public Education provision and interface & integration of different education groups?

Special needs and other special educational needs?

GP Practices and their needs/interface with the public?

 Primary Care, Health Centre, Drop-in & Hospital facilities?

Ambulance & helicopter ambulance requirements?

 Dentists, Opticians, Pediatricians and other specialisms?

 Daycare, Elderly Day Centres, Dementia provision & Family centres?

Fire Service requirements and provision?


1 thought on “Police Education & Healthcare

  1. This group was the first to be set up and has already met several times. You are welcome to join in – just use the registration page – and we will publish meeting notes and future dates here.

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